Monday, February 13, 2012

Council and Library

Our regular meeting on Feb 7, 2012 went quickly and was pretty smooth. We had a presentation from a company that wants to create a Buhl website. Councilor White thought that was a great idea and the board agreed. We handed that over to the economic development authority (BEDA).
We had a brief discussion concerning a current employee in regards to the number of total hours the employee has earned toward retirement. That issue was turned over to the personnel committee and then to the city attorney. So far there has not been a decision.

We condemned a building that had mostly burned down. Our goal is to remove the building, but we need to follow the proper laws first.

A company sold us wireless utility meter readers two years ago for $14,000. We no longer need these meter readers and that same company has graciously offered to buy them back for $1500. Guess what we told them.

We did not approve a new ordinance requiring address numbers on houses. We didn't want to "big brother" the tax payers of Buhl, but if you have a home and don't have an address number, it makes it tough for the 911 caller to find you.

That was the highlights from the meeting. In Buhl, you can watch the meeting on local public cable.

I am also a member of the Library Board, and we had a meeting Feb 9, 2012. The library has two new librarians and they are doing a great job cleaning up and operating the library. So the Library Board doesn't have to worry about a lot of the day to day decisions. We still need another board member, so don't all volunteer at once.

That's about it. Let me know what ya think.