Friday, November 21, 2008

Good way to develop in Buhl

An example of a good development for Buhl is the new assisted living facility, Northland Village, located on East Monroe Drive. Northland Foundation asked the City of Buhl to help them with the project. We helped with the grants, we made sure that the city’s engineers were used for oversight on the project, we even backed Northland Foundation's request for a loan from the bank.

Now the project is nearing completion and it is a huge success for Buhl. First, it did not cost the local taxpayers any money. Second, we have a large new assisted living facility in Buhl for our residents. Third, Northland Village will pay taxes, which increases the tax base of the city and helps to hold down the taxes of everyone in the city. This is a great example of how to do new development projects in Buhl.

Let me know what you think of the new assisted living facility in Buhl.


headfirst said...

Chris Primeau, you are the most intelligent, hard working councilman we have here in Buhl. I am glad you got re-elected because I know that you have everybody's best interest at heart and you support it with details and facts. All a person would have to do is watch a meeting to know that your research and thought processes are unmatched. At the same time, I also would like to state that you work well with others, attepmt to see all persepectives and do your best to cooperate and see all sides of the topic or issue at hand. I know this blog isn't for praise or defaming anyone, but I had to add my first initial thoughts before I continue with my thoughts/blog!

hear me said...

A definite good way to develop in Buhl and offer jobs to our area. This will help fix our sewer systems etc. better than the million dollar project on the pit that we won't see a profit on for approx. 30 years. Now I have to say, why are my taxes going towards paving a road where there are no homes, especially when there are streets in town, where people pay the highest taxes, still unpaved?

shari said...

Hey Chris! I am hearing positive feedback at the Post office. This is a great idea! We have alot of new residents who aren't around to talk to councilors about what matters to them! And alot of them are online enough to use this venue. Kudos!

Chris Primeau said...

hear me,

I will write a post on the Stubler Pit project within a couple of days. I am still trying to get my facts and figures straight. But, I have to say that I don't know why your taxes are going to a road and where there are no homes (yet). Hopefully, my post on that will help fill you in.